BIODFENCE is the technical division of Thira Export, and is charged with production of its proprietary bioflavonoid: Formula 6-8.
Our Professional Care Products are designed for Athletes, Civilian Firemen and Police, Sportsmen and Military personnel.
Originally designed in 2010, for the NAVY to be used by the Marine Corps bomb (IED) disposal unit, it has evolved to become the skin protectant of choice for professional athletes, security personnel and consumers who want the safest products that can be applied to ones skin.
BIODFENCE products are made using Thira Export proprietary compounding process and contain no alcohol, terpenes or quaternary ammonium.   We do not use mass produced grain or corn ethanol in any of our products. The world’s first fully edible germ killer and yes its GMO free. They are completely made of food grade vitamins and organic bioflavonoids.

The truth is that most types of skin infections in sports are minor and only become a major health issue if they are not cared for properly. The most prevalent issue is with the lack of education about skin infections, especially in preventing and treating them. Thus the prevalence of such conditions has changed the way many athletes look at sports. When you combine the sanitized environment or lack thereof; with the harsh chemical cleaners of equipment and the constant skin-to-skin contact, infections of the skin become a common and unfortunate part of sports and arguably a great health concern amongst all athletes.