Thira Export Products is a company focused on introducing smart and innovative green solutions for everyday life. Simply put, this means making sure we’re using the most sustainable methods of disposal, while also protecting the health of those around us.

Our Crystals were introduced over 30 years ago when industries located in the Canadian Frontier begged for smarter ways to ship cleaning products in subzero degree temperatures and dire conditions. With very little options, products were forced to be drop-shipped from a plane or hauled by husky sleds. With the creation of “crystals,” came the ability to effortlessly ship products that weighed very little and used negligible amounts of space.

Thira Export Products works to help everyone who transports, warehouses, stocks, ships, sells, and uses cleaning, products reduce their environmental impact,including their carbon footprint.

Plus we are committed to offering products that are as strong and efficacious as they are safe.

Organic All-Purpose Cleaner – Safe, Save, Savvy

JUNE 19, 2014

I am sure many parents out there are fans of organic products ranging from baby food, baby detergent to home cleaning agents. Ermm… I am not yet an organic convert. However, I am doing it bit by bit though. That’s partly because the entire parent network group in YH’s class (remember I mentioned we had fun in Cool de Sac meet-up session? Yes, these are the parents!) seem to be organic product fans as we had an informative exchange on organic aloe vera gel after I complained about some mozzie madness bites on YH. Then it kept me thinking if I am doing my kids a disservice in not using organic products on them. As one of the organic product brochure states:

“You wouldn’t fill a bath with petrol and bathe in it and you certainly wouldn’t smear toxic chemicals all over your loved ones, would you?.. Maybe you already have without even realising it….”

Oh… sounds scary doesn’t it? This tagline worries me and thanks to AO&N (All Organic and Natural) for the chance to review these organic products, I am taking the first steps into becoming an organic fanatic.

I receive a Care Package from AO&N. It is indeed a generous package as it consists of many useful products that suit my little ones and our family. I was told to just review on one product or all products if I wish. So no stress to try out everything. But coincidentally, we are going on a vacation soon after this package came, so I got to use almost all of the products that include a Little Innoscents toiletries travel pack for the kiddos and even Bio Shield body protection on the air plane! Who would think that the dry air and enclosed area on board the plane requires a body protectant against UV rays, parasites and harmful bacteria found probably on seats??!! We should rethink on air plane cleanliness now. However, I am not in time to review on those right now as this post goes live before our travel.

At one glance, I know which is my top favourite! Tada!
Bio+Green Crystals – All-Purpose Cleaner

Drop one satchet into a 1-litre bottle of warm water. See the satchet rising to the top?

The satchet dissolves after shaking the bottle of solution for about 5 minutes

I cannot tell you how useful this product is. I have something similar except that it is not organic. So, I am happy to find a reasonably priced (SRP: $11.45) All-Purpose Cleaner that not only saves me time as my old cleaner has before, but it is also ORGANIC, meaning it is child-safe and hypoallergenic!

I love using an All-Purpose Cleaner because it saves me lots of time and storage space since I only have one cleaner to keep. I use it to:
1) Mop the floor – just spray 4-5 sprays on the floor randomly and easy clean off with a damp cloth!
2) Mop oily floor – it can degenerate oil and good for mopping the oily floor after deep frying food
3) Clean oily stove and kitchen walls – with just 1-2 sprays and one wipe, the stove will be sparkling clean with no oil residue.
4) Clean toddler’s pencil doodling on the floor – my little YT loves to doodle on the floor if he lays hand on a pencil or pencils. Just spray the All-Purpose Cleaner once on the area, and wipe off effortlessly with a damp cloth. Previously, I use an eraser to erase off the pencil marks, I wasted half a big block of eraser and 10 minutes of time when I could have use just 5 seconds to clean off now.
5) Get rid of ants – spray a generous amount on a damp cloth and wipe along the ants path, it does ward off the ants but usually the ants end up with a different path. Recently, we found out using talcum powder and it works!
6) Clean every surface top you can think of – including doors, windows, kitchen tops, cupboard surface, etc.

One interesting thing about this Bio+Green Crystals is that it is in a soluble satchet form containing revolutionary new crystal compounds in pre-measured amount of chemicals. Just drop this satchet into a 1 litre bottle of warm water. Shake it. It will dissolve completely! Quite amazing! You have to drop the satchet without tearing it apart. I did shake for quite some time for about 5 minutes before it totally dissolves. It could be faster with warm water as I was using tap water which was not so warm.

The All-Purpose Cleaner is perfect for home and office. It is ideal for any washable hard surface including counter tops, kitchen sinks, walls, garbage containers and more. It does not require rinsing. Just spray and wipe off.

Besides the All-Purpose Cleaner, there are Toy Cleaner, Fruit and Veggie Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, Glass and Window Cleaner and Natural Degreaser and Stainless Steel Cleaner. All are sold in satchets form.

Ingredients used for the All-Purpose Cleaner are as follows:
Natural Soda Ash Dense, Natural Spearmint oil, GDS Glucose, Food Grade Sodium Citrate, LAE, Natural Sesqui Carbonate (If you need more information pertaining to certification on the organic products, please do contact AO&N by leaving your query on the ‘Contact Us’ page, and they will be glad to send you a detailed list of ingredients for all their products.)


Yvette Lim 6/16/2014 Add Comment  Advertorial , Food , Review

Psss I received a special Care Package from AO&N, a local distributor of organic and natural products that are recently launched in Singapore a few days ago, and I am going to take this opportunity to be super nice and share these amazing goodies with all you guys! I shall sponsor the postage fees so you’d be receiving these items in your mailbox absolutely free because without you guys visiting my blog and reading my posts, I wouldn’t be here nor have the opportunity to review them in the first place. Here’s a big THANK YOU for your support.

P.S. it would be great if you could follow me on instagram @yveyanxi too =p

But before we go on with the details of my first-ever giveaway (lets also thank AO&N for making this possible), allow me show you why I am so fascinated with what I am holding so tightly on to right now because you really need to understand what made me so excited to share them with you! Check this out:

These are grapes, one of my favourite fruits!

And these, are all the dirt, pesticide, chemical and wax residues stuck on MY grapes

I am so stupid, I use to think that they are just condensation like what is on your cup if you had ice in it or when you took it out of the freezer. So this time round, I left these grapes out in room temperature for a while and as you can see from the picture, the water droplets are the condensations that took place and thus the greyish compounds that are always on your grapes and are so extremely difficult to wash off, are not. This is what sparked me to conduct a science experiment with the Bio+Green Crystals for Fruit & Veggie I received from AO&N on the same day. I was extremely thrilled because I haven’t done one since JC days lol.

So I prepared had two bowls, each with 10 grapes and prepared the same amount of water and Bio+Green Crystals solution to be added into the two bowls separately. And here’s what happened when I poured the liquid in. The grapes that were in the bowl with Bio+Green Crystals solution was cleaned immediately. I have never seen a grape so clean and sparkly lol. On the other hand, the ones soaked in water still looked the same with greyish compounds right on top.

Clean grapes from bowl with Bio+Green Crystals Solution

Unclean grapes from bowl with Tap Water

I was impressed by the effectiveness of Bio+Green Crystals but at the same time, overwhelmed with the fact that I have been cleaning fruits covered in toxins my whole life. One thing I know for certain, I need Bio+Green Crystals if I want to continue eating grapes or any other fruits and vegetables that are not protected by a layer of inedible skin for that matter. Tell me, how are you going to eat your grapes in future knowing that they are unclean and that you are eating dirt, pesticide, chemical and wax residues stuck on them? How can you be eating those blueberries when you know now that your answer to preventing the toxic intakes is as simple as Bio+Green Crystals? If not for yourself, what about your loved ones, especially the young and the elderly who are more susceptible to the harmful effects of these toxins?

This, is Bio+Green Crystals for Fruit & Veggie

These crystals are packed in water-soluble, biodegradable sachets, so you can just drop them into a spray bottle, fill it with warm water (about 1 litre) and you will get your cleaning detergent. Simple as that. 1 litre of warm water definitely means that one sachets can be used for multiple occasions since I only used less than 10% of what I had at the end of my experiment. I am super fond of Bio+Green Crystals because it is extremely eco-friendly to provide the organic cleaning detergent in the form of crystals and allow the spray bottle to be purchased separately so less resources will be wasted on the unnecessary and our carbon footprint can be greatly reduced.

Bio+Green Crystals for Fruit & Veggie

Tap Water

See the difference?

And then I decided give the bowl with water a chance, thus I left the two bowls untouched for the next 10 minutes. Maybe the water needed some time to clean off all the dirt, pesticide, chemical and wax residues. Unfortunately, they looked just the same as they were before the wait and even after I dried them with a tissue.

Sam April 2012

Blogging has opened my eyes to so many new and wonderful products, and I especially love learning about “green” goodies like Bio+Green Crystals!

Talk about eco-friendly! Everything about Bio+Green is green, from their sustainable manufacturing to their no-waste products. Bio+Green Crystals are revolutionary new cleaners that utilize natural plant and mineral compounds that, mixed with ordinary water, create environmentally friendly household cleaning products. These crystal cleaners are 100% natural and biodegradable, automatically reducing your carbon footprint.
I received the Fruit and Vegetable Wash and the Child Safe Multi-Surface and Toy Cleaner to review (as well as a perfect-sized spray bottle.)

I decided to try the child-safe toy wash first. I love that it has no scent, good or bad. That’s a big pet peeve of mine with traditional chemical cleaners, the nasty burning chemical smell or overly fake, flowery smell meant to mask it. This cleaner has neither! It sprays on toys and surfaces (changing table, door handles, high chair) easily and evenly and wipes clean. This cleaner is definitely one I can trust in my cleaning cabinet and around my little man!

Bio+Green Crystals is pleased to offer the world’s first nutraceutical grade, zero waste, earth friendly product line of eco friendly cleaning products. Bio+Green Crystals eco friendly cleaning products are 100% biodegradeable and formulated with plant and mineral based ingredients tough enough to handle any spill, mess, debris or dirt while remaining completely earth friendly.

Our eco friendly cleaning products meet all environmental standards and are the cleaning products approved by the environmentally sensitive Australian Antarctic Division for use at four of its bases on the South Pole. Being ‘earth friendly’ is not a phrase we take lightly at Bio+Green. Our goal has always been to provide end users with eco friendly products that clean without exposing you to harsh, toxic and potentially dangerous chemicals. Other supposed eco friendly products claim to be ‘earth friendly’, but compare our plant and mineral based ingredients against other eco products. Bio+Green Crystals are true eco products – even the packaging is 100% biodegradable.

The crystal packets are super easy to use: just drop the water-soluble packet into a spray bottle, add 32 ounces of warm water, and shake! The crystals and packet dissolve and mix into the water, leaving only the outer packaging to recycle.

The fruit and vegetable wash is phenomenal! I can’t even begin to express my dislike of the wax many fruits are coated in to “look better.” The fruit and veggie wash, made the same way as described above, gets rid of wax, soil, and agricultural chemicals (pesticides) on fresh fruit and veggies, no problem. Fresh foods these days are becoming more and more processed so one can never be too careful protecting against harmful chemicals.

Bio+Green also makes many other natural household cleaning crystals, even a hand sanitizer and line of “liquid gloves” that protect against environmental dangers like gardening chemicals. So many amazing products, and all would be perfect to get your Spring cleaning jumpstarted!

Bio+Green crystals gets 4/5 Starfishes from Serial Access Mom!

Bio+Green Crystals Review

May 16, 2012 · By: Belinda 

About the Company & Product:
Thira Export leads the industry in human and environmentally responsible product chemistry in the Health and Wellness sector. No other compounds can claim to be zero waste and non-toxic to humans under normal use. National Bio+Green Sciences research and development team is proud to offer the worlds first doctor endorsed, nutraceutical grade compounds specifically made for people. Doctors realize that under normal conditions people do not need to be bombarded with toxic chemicals, especially at home and at work. The Bio+Green Crystal is the first and only zero waste cleaning product additive on the market. Just add it to tap water and the Crystal additive will work with all the chemicals in H2O to formulate a safe non toxic cleaner. Whether you add our Crystal additives to your existing cleaning products as boosters or add them to H20 your cleaners will be better! When one weighs the enormous benefit of Bio+Green Crystals with today’s demand for environmental stewardship, safety and value; Bio+Green Crystals are simply the best choice for your people, pets and the planet.

Their crystal cleaners are 100% bio degradable crystals and ready to be used in seconds. Bio Green Crystals is dedicated and proud to provide ZERO-WASTE cleaning products to consumers. Their crystal cleaners are individually packed in bio degradable sachet and ready to be used in seconds. Single sachet can make up to 32oz spray of crystal clean, bio cleaner works like regular household cleaners. Their bio cleaners are not like other eco cleaning products you can buy at local grocery stores. Their cleaners are one of the only few cleaning supply qualify as nutraceutical grade. Try their crystal clean, bio cleaner and experience the difference.

What I Thought:
I have cats & dogs and worry about all the harsh chemicals that are in my regular cleaning products. I was really excited about getting to try Bio+Green Crystal cleaners. I love that they work just as well as my “old” cleaners, but are eco-friendly.

I received the sachets of cleaning crystals (window & all purpose) which I mixed with water in a spray bottle and voila I had my cleaner. The window cleaner was great. I had tried “eco-friendly” window cleaners in the past, but they were streaky & left a film behind (this is one of hubby’s biggest pet peeve.) I am happy to say that Bio+Green Crystals window cleaner gets hubby’s seal of approval! The all purpose cleaner worked just as well, it worked great on all those sticky, greasy messes.

I would definitely recommend these products to everyone who has pets, kids, or just want a great eco-friendly product.

Where to Buy:
You can buy all the great Bio+Green Crystal products on their website

Plus, you can connect with Bio+Green Crystals on facebook (Bio+Green Crystals).

I received products from Bio+Green Crystals to review. However, all opinions are strictly my own.

Bio+Green Crystals ~ Water Soluable Crystals for Cleaning (Review) EarthDay

April 2, 2012 by Brittney Minor

Spring cleaning is still underway in my house! Finding new green cleaning products has been at the top of my list this year. I was excited to find Bio+Green Crystals!

Bio+Green Crystals are non-toxic crystal compounds that come in water soluble pre-measured pouches! When the pouch comes into contact with water, both the pouch and the crystals dissolve, creating the specific cleaning agent. The sachets can be added to water on their own or added to an existent cleaner as a “booster”.

Bio+Green Crystals are considered Zero-waste products because the sachet and crystals dissolve and the packaging can be thrown in the compost or recycle bin. This means that nothing goes into landfills!

“Thira Export leads the industry in human and environmentally responsible product chemistry in the Health and Wellness sector. No other compounds can claim to be zero waste and non-toxic to humans under normal use. Thira Export research and development team is proud to offer the worlds first doctor endorsed, nutraceutical grade compounds specifically made for people. Doctors realize that under normal conditions people do not need to be bombarded with toxic chemicals, especially at home and at work. The Bio+Green Crystal is the first and only zero waste cleaning product additive on the market. Just add it to tap water and the Crystal additive will work with all the chemicals in H2O to formulate a safe non toxic cleaner. Whether you add our Crystal additives to your existing cleaning products as boosters or add them to H20 your cleaners will be better! When one weighs the enormous benefit of Bio+Green Crystals with today’s demand for environmental stewardship, safety and value; Bio+Green Crystals are simply the best choice for your people, pets and the planet.”

I was sent the Glass and Windows Crystals and the All Purpose Crystals, along with a spray bottle. Before I created the cleaner I was browsing through the Bio+Green Crystals website and I was reading some reviews that were written about some of their products. Most were positive reviews, but there were a couple negative ones. One person said that after they mixed their sachet of crystals, the sachet got caught in the spray bottle and clogged it. After reading this, I added my sachet of crystals to warm water in the spray bottle. It actually takes a while for the crystals and the sachet to dissolve, but I made sure that I kept shaking the bottle to get everything completely dissolved before I used it! It just took some patience!!!! I used the All Purpose crystals to clean my kitchen countertops! The cleaner worked great! I also carefully mixed the Glass and Window Crystals in an old window cleaner spray bottle, and used it on my bathroom mirrors. I was impressed that there were no streaks!

Bio+Green Crystals come in a variety of cleaners! Each refill is $5.99 and can fill a 32 oz bottle (which is a common size, so you probably have one in your house). Bio+Green Crystals also make a hand sanitizer and lotion. You also have the option of buying a 6 pack Home Detox Kit for $29.99, which includes 6 of their cleaning crystals: Glass & Window Cleaner, Natural Degreaser, Child Safe Toy & Multi-Surface Cleaner, Stainless Steel, Bathroom & Odor Neutralizing, and All Purpose Cleaner. They also have Vegetable Wash available!

Overall, I love using the Bio+Green Crystals to clean my house! I would love to try out the rest of their crystals, especially the Vegetable Wash! The fact that this is a no waste product fits perfectly in with the type of lifestyle that I am trying to live! This is a truly “green” product that I recommend for anyone that would like to decrease their carbon footprint and enjoys using natural cleaning products!

Bio Green Crystals Child Safe Multi-Surface Toy Cleaner

By Kari

Bought 4 different toy cleaners to try in the church nursery and this is the one that the people using them picked. Great for a quick clean after each toy is used. Doesn’t leave a slimy residue like some other brands. Agree with previous reviewer that container bag doesn’t dissolve, but product still works great.

Bio Green Crystals Bathroom Cleaner

By Barbara

I liked this product so much the first time I tried it that I ordered again. The only comment I would make is that the sachet the crystals come in does not dissolve and gets stuck in the spray tube. This actually makes it easy to remove from the spray bottle and discard. The spray itself works so well that I can just spray the tub and shower enclosure, let it work for about 1/2 hour then use the shower head (I have a handheld shower head) to spray the shower walls and tub. It will remove the hard water film from both tub and shower with no scrubbing. I especially like it because it is non-toxic and only a very light clean scent remains.

By Patricia

I like that this is such a small package and there is no worry about liquids leaking in shipment. I like that this is a natural product and will reorder. It seems to work about the same as other natural products. I have not found natural cleaners that do a good job on soap scum on my shower enclosure, and this was no exception. I also did not notice any lavender scent.

Bio Green Crystals Stainless Steel Cleaner

By Deanna

Excellent product! Shines my stainless steel appliances, no toxic ingredients, and mixes up easily in a spray bottle! I’ve been looking for something like this, natural, and works!

Bio Green Crystals Natural Degreaser

By Andrea

Just got this about a week ago and I really like it. Next to no scent, but does seem to cut through the grime of kitchen countertops very well. Quite happy with it. I opened the sachet though instead of dropping it right in.

By Grace

Works really well, will definitely try the other varieties as well.

Bio Green Crystals Fruit & Vegetable Wash

By Trisha

I really like the reduced packaging and being able to use my bottle over and over again. Seems to work well for cleaning. Sachet doesn’t dissolve but I don’t let that get me down!

By Costa

Love it, sachet doesn’t dissolve, but works great, veggies feel cleaner!

Bio Green HandSan Organic Hand Cleanser

By Steph

It has a very subtle smell, unlike the more commonly used alcohol based sanitizer. I love the natural ingredients, and feel safe using it on my hands after diaper changes and then handling my baby. Perfect for your purse or diaper bag.

By Michele

This is a very handy little bottle to carry around with you. As well as being safe to use, I also love the fact that it doesn’t smell like the chemical ones.